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Black Snake Moan is a musical quest set in a psychedelic desert, where the sound of a delta blues dominate
Roman born Marco Contestabile is a unique One Man Band who has created a repertoire that pursue a
spiritual and a musical abstraction.

With his concept album “Spiritual Awakening” published on February 2017 , Black Snake Moan traces a
surreal path for an internal change and a soul elevation. A snake emerges from the reign of shadows,
singing with its ancestral wisdom a tale of dreams and nightmares that guides you into this journey. Tribal
rhythms and ancestral echoes amplify this shamanic experience.

Marco is a multi-instrumentalist born and raised in the countryside a few kilometres north from Rome. His
music orygins are rooted in blues and psych rock and Asian mantras. His peculiarity has brought him in many festivals such as: Mojo Station Blues Festival, Rome Psych Fest, Arezzo Wave Love Contest, MEI
Superstage, MaMA Paris Festival and Eurosonic Noordeslag in Groningen. His performances, playing guitar,
drums and singing at the same time, are enchanting both Italian and European crowds.